The Invisible Man Novel Summary and Themes

The Invisible Man
The Invisible Men
Publishing Date
H.G. Wells
About Writer
He was an English writer, and prolific in many of works, The genre is Horror and Science Fiction.

Table of Contents
4) The Invisible Man Themes
5) The Invisible Man Critical Essays

About The Invisible Man Novel

The Invisible Man There is An Invisible Man which real name is Griffin has been referred as stranger and voice that startles everybody, we can say him a protagonist of the story  continue .  

The Invisible Man Characters

The Invisible Man

Mrs. Hall

Mrs Teddy Henfrey

Mr. Cuss

Mr. Jaffers

Mr. Bunting

Mr. Marvel

Dr. Kemp

Colonel Adye

Mr. Heelas

The Invisible Man Summary

The Invisible Man by H.G Wells .The story where started in the Britain in the village of Iping. Where a stranger man arrives, his entire body was covered with bandages with the hat on his head and a coat on his body. He was very arrogant and restless kind of person. Use to get angry on every small thing. After some time his luggage also arrives to a place where he was living, it contains some colourful glass bottles and some books also. After some time the whole village came to know about the wired man and his nature. She started to call him strange man.
Mrs. Hall was the property owner of the inn. Where the man was staying. The strange man gives lots of money to Mrs. Hall thus, she was not bother about him or his bandages or his nature or his suspicious bottles. She had nothing to do with it longer she was getting enough money. However, after sometime he runs out of money. And meanwhile a news was spread occurs in the village about some stolen money in the secretive manner and accuses the strange man and he gets furious  he decided to show the secret to everybody by opening his bandages but everybody looks scared. They saw that the strange man was invisible. People thought that he was a ghost. The people of the village call the police officer. Moreover, the police officer came to arrest the invisible man. However, he runs away from that place. While he was running he meet a men name Thomas Marvel who was completely drunken in the state. The invisible man threatens and took Thomas Marvel with him. The invisible man told Thomas that three of his books were remained at inn. In addition, he wants to pick them up. They both starting move towards Epic. In addition, slowly and secretly stole the three remained books from Invisible man’s room. When going away Marvel thought Invisible man’s escape. However, the strange man threatened to kill him if he did so.
Marvel got terrified hearing the warning and ask for help from the others in village. All the man stared running towards the invisible man they reach to a place called Jolly Cricketers they started beating the invisible man and saved Marvel’s life. The invisible man got frustrated and went in a house which was own by Dr. Kemp. He provides him food and helped in healing his wounds. The strange man told everything about him that his real name is Griffin and he was a medical student but he dropped medical science study for doing optics study and wanted to do an experiment on invisibility, due to shortage of money he stoles some money from his own home. Which lead to his father’s death. He did his experiment firstly on a cat but he gets half success in it. He improve all his mistakes and became successful in his experiment His house owner was irritating him for the rent and that’s why he did the experiment on him and burned the whole room.
Therefore, that no one find any evidences. However, he went outside he was doing his experiment on hardship that he had to go through. Because he was invisible, people pushed his on the road some even banged his legs he realize that it was hard to walk native in winters so he decided to cover his whole body and headed towards epic. He tells Dr. Kemp that he was going to spread terror in the village and for this, he needs help. After listening this Dr. Kemp secretly called the police and Griffin runs away. Then the next day, Griffin reads a letter threatening Dr. Kemp. Then he again calls the police.
When Griffin arrives at Dr. Kemp’s place, he was standing in front of the police and he kills two police officers. Griffin runs after him. Dr. Kemp asked some people for help when Griffin try to caught the doctor meanwhile he was killed by those people and after his death his body become visible on which a white sheet was spread by the police. Meanwhile the three important books of Griffin were with the Thomas Marvel and he denies it.


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