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Victorian Age English Literature for UGC NET

Victorian Age
Victorian Age , So for the topic that we have in the Victorian poets will be going to read about the all type of poetry in this age
In the first generation poets of the Victorian age Alfred Tennyson and Robert Browning was born in the beginning of the century like Tennyson was 1809 and Browning 1812.

Now between these two poets  Victorian poetry expresses itself into very different colors whereas Tennyson was more conservative more giving to looking to the past and so obviously there is lot of nostalgia in his poetry Nostalgia for what was and there is no longer end.

Victorian poetry it is a key for the poetry and it runs through entire log not nearly Tennyson Browning to Arnold also.

Victorian Age – Romantic Age
All the major poets reflect the mood of the time the reason for this mood almost despondence a mood which was sad and overburden with something preciously lost. 
Something lost forever and something lost forever something precious and at the same time last forever so it is this mood which is reflected of in the poetry of the Tennyson and Browning and two different faces of poets now behind all this.
In the Romantic Age early 19th century we had lot of radicalism enthusiasm and we had the spirit of the French Revolution so ideas of equality freedom democracy so and so forth but then in the later 19th century which is 1837 because romantic age was 1798 to 1837.
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Victorian age between 1837 and 1895

Victorian age between 1837 and 1895 end of the century that is the period of the Victorian age now during this age some very important have happened.
one was in 1837 the first reformed bill and in the 1865.
second Reform bill so both the Reform bill came up during this period of the Victorian age now these two bills change the entire scenario of the Victorian age 

1837 gave voting right to the common people 1865 to the workers of show the working class the lowermost section of the society they were given the voting right in the process of workers.

Right to Vote for Women
Show the workers extended to the grassroot but here one thing is important even until 65 no voting right for rights for women’s.
Even workers had the right but not women of the high class had no voting right and it took another 50 years to obtain that women had to struggle.
In 1922 after World War 1 the women got the voting right but male workers had got it in 1865 so this was the one important thing that happened during the Victorian age

Darwin Charles Darwin

The theory of evolution he gave the theory of evolution shocking common people particularly those who are committed to Christianity into religion overall show shock was the
 Darwin said "there is nothing special about man" because Christianity would say "the man was the special creation of God, and God creates the man in his own image".

Man as God
The Man as God in Victorian Age , But then there is shock at the mid-century when Darwin said it is all the evolution of the species and man is came from the monkey, album management all man is monkey now that was quite shock.
Because all those Noble ideas great ideas about God and Goddesses and man being descendant of the god now that was gone at the time it was shocked.

So they came about which is popularly known the Victorian compromise
The Victorians were not radical like this like the romantics they were not route to follow their own inspiration their own dream even at the at the cost of movies in the society losing the society and become and exile like Byron Shelley and Keats they left their own society and became exiles but the Victorians was not radical in that sense they were not ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of one thing so there was of acceptance whatever comes accepted so they have to compromise between Darwin and Christ on the 

One hand the Christian religion giving thoughts of ideas about how Christ sacrifice and how we are Children of God so on

Find the other we are came from the monkeys so between these two divisions had to strike a compromise and therefore the acceptance the solubility of "man is not God like".
Between science and the compromise between science and religion

Between the lofty ideals and the hard and unpalatable facts of life of evolution because those ideas which based upon an experiments and experiments were devoted to the lifetime.

Industrial there is nothing else with the dedication they come off with the approval facts about human life had not join to accept that all but at the same time they did not want to reject outright in their herited it's a really religion:  its values what is what is done what is not to be done what is good what is not good so here come soon Victorian compromise

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