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To The Lighthouse Novel by Virginia Woolf

To the Lighthouse novel written by Virginia Woolf in 1927 and this Novel shows the complete analysis of Ramsay Family.
How they started the happy life and then the tragedy happened when Mrs. Ramsay dies and then all characters missing her and accepts her love.

·       Mr. Ramsay  :  He is philosopher and he doubts on his philosophies that weather people would like.
·        Mrs. Ramsay  : A beautiful and loving lady who loves all
·        James : Younger son of Mr. and Mrs. Ramsay
·        Lily :  She is a good painter and she want to achieve something in her life.
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The complete novel divided into three parts
  1. The Window :  In The Window Virginia Woolf shows the happy life of all characters and the incomplete desire or wish. Ramsay Family and friends came Herbrid for spending their summer holiday time. And there is a lighthouse which is in mids of sea. James want to go there and Mrs. Ramsay want to take him to the lighthouse  but due to weather they couldn’t go
  2.  Time Passes:  In The Time Passes Virginia Woolf passed the hard times of the all characters in 20 pages. It is the time of 10 years, When World War I finished, Mrs. Ramsay died, and Her Elder son Died in War and a married daughter also dies. So it is hard and very tough times for Ramsay Family.
  3. To The Lighthouse : In this part Virginia completes all the incomplete wishes of all characters of the novel, as Mr. Ramsay reached to the Lighthouse and Lily Completes her painting
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+> Life and Work  : In this novel we can find the different approaches of life and work. For Mr. and Mr. Ramsay
+> Immortality of Art :  This particular theme related with the person and art, that a person can die can be destroy but the art remains. Art is the evidence of that person was in exist
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+> Love and Marriage  :  For Mrs. Ramsay love is to love her husband and children and accept all friends and care them etc. and for Mr. Ramsay it is about expression

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