Saturday, May 12, 2018

How to prepare for the M.A Entrance in English

Master’s degree in Literature declined  the limitation for your career in the current subject's field and  doing masters from Delhi University is not easy task, but it’s not impossible. Here is certain guidelines which would be beneficial for you if you are also preparing for Masters Entrance for Delhi University.

  1. Read the History of English Literature :  Ancient period to Modern period, Major Battles & Wars, you need to  read those writings which based on History or any real event, just like Shakespeare’s Antony & Cleopatra, Henry IV
  2. All ages & period in literature : Chaucer to Virginia Woolf , Complete ages and its major writers
  3. Relevant British & Others literature(specially Indian literature) : while British were colonizers literature like African, American & Indian Literature
  4. Divide you whole syllabus : Drama, Prose, Fiction , Literary Terms & Theatre 
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  5.  Literary Theory & Criticism: Major theories, which you have studied in Graduation & Topics like Feminism, Marxism etc.
  6. New Writers in Literature : New Writers like Arundhati Roy, Salman Rushdee  
  7. Revision of your own notes : You have to make your own notes, don’t copy paste the others, notes will help you before last moment of Exam
  8. Previous year question paper solve: Its mandatory to solve previous year question after this you can find out that in which area most repeating and what’s is your weaknesses. Just try to solve test in a week.

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