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MPSE 005 State and Society in Africa Study Notes

MPSE 005 State and Society in Africa | IGNOU MPSE 005 Syllabus Structure | IGNOU MPSE 005 Books – Students who are trying to find their syllabus structure of IGNOU MPS programme can get their complete syllabus from this page. We must inform you about the system which is out there for the new syllabus


MPSE 005 State and Society in Africa Study Notes

Unit-1 Introducing Africa
Unit-2 Colonial Legacies
Unit-3 Nationalism and Legacies
Unit-4 Problems of Statehood: Integration and Legitimisation
Unit-5 Issues of Development
Unit-6 Types of Regimes
Unit-7 Administration, Military and Political Parties
Unit-8 Africa and World Economy
Unit-9 Cold War, Non-Alignment and Africa
Unit-10 United Nations, Peacekeeping and Africa
Unit-11 Post-Cold War Africa
Unit-12 Human Security
Unit-13 Deterritorialisation and Problems of Social Identities
Unit-14 Violence and its Manifestations
Unit-15 Economic Cooperation: Continental and Regional
Unit-16 India and Africa

MPSE 005; State and Society in Africa; MPSE 005 State and Society in Africa

MPSE 005 State and Society in Africa We will provide you the entire syllabus structure of MPS here on this page itself. The syllabus are going to be provided in semester wise including the name of the chapters of IGNOU MPS Books (Master of Arts in Political Science). this may help our candidates to require a choice regarding the examination, whether or not they wanna appear for it or not. It’s totally up to them. The name of the themes with the name of the chapters will assist you to settle on your preferred field for studying for the examination.
The syllabus structure of MPS also can be checked before you're taking admission for this course who all are confused.
So, we recommend our candidates to see out their syllabus of IGNOU MPS on time.