MEG 09 Australian Literature Solved Assignment 2020–2021

MEG 09 Australian Literature

Solved Assignment 2020–2021

Max. Marks - 100

Attempt all the questions.
1. What were the different oral traditions that formed the beginnings of Australian Literature? Illustrate with examples. (20)

2. Would it be correct to call Ada Cambridge a feminist poet? Illustrate your answer with examples from her poems. (20)
3. What were the major literary trends during the 20th century? Illustrate. (20)

4. What are the significant themes of the early Australian poets? (20)
5. Discuss the dramatic technique in The Removalists. (20)

MEG 09 Australian Literature; MEG 09 Australian Literature Solved Assignment 2021 – 2021

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IGNOU MEG 09 Study Material 2020-21 : Australian Literature

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Programme Name:
Master of Arts English
Programme Code:
MEG 09

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IGNOU MEG 09 Australian Literature

Block-1 An Introduction to Australian Literature
  • Unit-1 Australian Literature
  • Unit-2 Australia- Land and History
  • Unit-3 Australia-People and Culture
  • Unit-4 Literary Beginnings-Oral Literature
  • Unit-5 Early Literature
  • Unit-6 Themes and Trends

Block-2 Nineteenth Century Australian Poetry
  • Unit-1 Nineteenth century Australian poetry: An Introduction
  • Unit-2 W.C.Wentworth
  • Unit-3 Charles Harpur
  • Unit-4 Henry Kendall
  • Unit-5 A.L. Gordon and A.B.Paterson
  • Unit-6 Ada Cambridge

Block-3 Introduction to Short Fiction
  • Unit-1 Introduction to Short Fiction/Story
  • Unit-2 Marcus Clarke: The Seizure of the Cyprus
  • Unit-3 Barbara Baynton: The Chosen Vessel
  • Unit-4 Henry Lawson: The Drover’s Wife/: The Union Buries It’s Dead         
  • Unit-5 Arthur Hoey Davis: Cranky Jack
  • Unit-6 Christina Stead: The Old School

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Block-4 Modern Australian Poetry (1901-1970)
  • Unit-1 Introduction: An Overview
  • Unit-2 Beginnings
  • Unit-3 The Notion of Australia
  • Unit-4 Keepers of the Flame
  • Unit-5 Coming of Age
  • Unit-6 The Marginalised Voice

Block-5 VOSS
  • Unit-1 Rise and Development of the Australian Novel
  • Unit-2 As We First Read: Voss
  • Unit-3 Romantic Elements in Voss
  • Unit-4 Multiple Themes in Voss
  • Unit-5 Modern Readings: Some Important Area

Block-6 Contemporary Australian Poetry (1970-onwards)
  • Unit-1 Contemporary Australia
  • Unit-2 Bruce Dawe & Les Murray
  • Unit-3 Chris Wallace-Crabbe & Gwen Harwood
  • Unit-4 Ee Tiang Hong & Kevin Gilbert
  • Unit-5 Mudrooroo Narogin & Gig Ryan

Block-7 David Malouf: Remembering Babylon
  • Unit-1 Contemporary Australian Fiction: An Overview
  • Unit-2 The Author, His Creativity and Remembering Babylon
  • Unit-3 Structure, Characters and Metaphors
  • Unit-4 Narrative Strategies and Communication
  • Unit-5 Themes

Block-8 David Williamson: The Removalists
  • Unit-1 An Overview of Australian Drama
  • Unit-2 David Williamson's Dramatic World
  • Unit-3 Reading The Removalists
  • Unit-4 Themes and Techniques

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British Novel - MEG 3 IGNOU
British Novel, a created exposition account of impressive length and a specific unpredictability that manages human experience, more often than not through an associated arrangement of occasions including a gathering of people in a particular setting. Inside its expansive system, the class of the novel has incorporated a broad scope of sorts and styles: picaresque, epistolary, Gothic, sentimental, pragmatist, chronicled— British Novel  to name just a portion of the more significant ones.
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British Novel  The Epic
British Novel  The epic is a type of fiction, and fiction might be characterized as the craftsmanship or art of imagining, through the composed word, portrayals of human life that educate or redirect or both. The different structures that fiction may take are best considered less to be various separate classes than as a continuum or, all the more precisely, a cline, with whatever short structure as the story toward one side of the scale and the longest possible novel at the other. British Novel At the point when any bit of fiction is long enough to comprise an entire book, rather than a negligible piece of a book, at that point it might be said to have accomplished novelhood British Novel.

British Novel , In any case, this state concedes to its very own quantitative classes, with the goal that a moderately concise novel might be named a novella (or, if the pitifulness of the substance coordinates its quickness, a novelette), and an extremely long novel may flood the banks of a solitary volume and become a roman-fleuve, or stream novel. Length is especially one of the components of the class.
The Novella
The term novel is a truncation of the Italian word novella with the goal that what is presently, in many dialects, a minute indicates truly the parent structure. British Novel The novella was a sort of extended tale like those to be found in the fourteenth century Italian great Boccaccio's Decameron, every one of which embodies the historical background all around ok. The narratives are minimal new things, curiosities, naturally stamped preoccupations, toys; they are not reworkings of known tales or legends, and they are inadequate in weight and good genuineness. It is to be noticed that, in spite of the high case of writers of the most significant reality, for example, Tolstoy, Henry James, and Virginia Woolf, the term novel still, in certain quarters, conveys suggestions of gentility and paltriness.

British Novel , What's more, it is conceivable to descry a propensity to technicality in the structure itself. The tribute or ensemble appears to have an internal system that shields it from stylish or moral debasement, however the novel can slide to disgraceful business profundities of nostalgia or sex entertainment. It is the motivation behind this area to consider the novel not exclusively regarding incredible workmanship but rather additionally as a universally handy medium providing food for every one of the strata of proficiency.
Such early in British Novel old Roman fiction as Petronius' Satyricon of the first century AD and Lucius Apuleius' Golden Ass of the second century contain a considerable lot of the prominent components that recognize the novel from its nobler brought into the world relative the epic sonnet. In the anecdotal works, the medium is composition, the occasions portrayed are unheroic, the settings are boulevards and bars, not combat zones and royal residences. There is more low sex than august battle; the divine beings don't move the activity; the exchange is unattractive as opposed to distinguished. It was, truth be told, out of the need to discover—in the time of Roman decrease—a scholarly structure that was enemy of epic in both substance and language that the main writing fiction of Europe appears to have been considered. The most noteworthy character in Petronius is a nouveau riche vulgarian; the saint of Lucius Apuleius is transformed into a jackass; nothing less epic can well be envisioned.
The medieval chivalric sentiment (from a prevalent Latin word, likely Romanice, which means written in the vernacular, not in conventional Latin) reestablished a sort of epic perspective on man—however now as brave Christian, not gallant agnostic. Simultaneously, it passed on its name to the later class of mainland writing, the novel, which is referred to in French as roman, in Italian as romanzo, and so forth. But that later sort accomplished its first extraordinary blooming in Spain toward the start of the seventeenth century in an antichivalric comic artful culmination—the Don Quixote of Cervantes, which, on a bigger scale than the Satyricon or The Golden Ass, contains a significant number of the components that have been normal from writing fiction from that point forward. Books have saints, yet in no traditional or medieval sense. Concerning the writer, he should, in the expressions of the contemporary British-American W.H. Auden,
The epic endeavors to accept those weights of life that have no spot in the epic ballad and to consider man to be unheroic, unredeemed, blemished, even ridiculous. This is the reason there is room among its experts for authors of hardboiled criminologist spine chillers, for example, the contemporary American Mickey Spillane or of nostalgic melodramas, for example, the productive nineteenth century English writer Mrs. Henry Wood, yet not for one of the unremitting height of standpoint of a John Milton.

MEG 3 IGNOU Syllabus
Novel- 1 Henry Fielding: Tom Jones
Unit-1 Some Aspects of ‘Fiction’
Unit-2 As We First Read Tom Jones
Unit-3 Characters as Characterisations
Unit-4 Artistic Unity or Socio-Cultural Concerns
Unit-5 Feminist Concerns in Fielding
Unit-6 Some Critical Opinions on Tom Jones
Unit-7 Narration in Fiction and Third World Preferences

Novel- 2 Jane Austen: Pride and Prejudice
Unit-1 The Novel in its Context
Unit-2 Main Themes in pride and Prejudice-1
Unit-3 Main Themes in Pride and Prejudice-2
Unit-4 Characters in the Novel
Unit-5 The Narrative of Pride and Prejudice
Unit-6 Critical Perspectives

Novel- 3 Wuthering Heights: Emily Bronte
Unit-1 Background to Wuthering Height
Unit-2 The Problem of Narrative
Unit-3 Gift of God’: Heathcliff
Unit-4 You Look Like a Lady Now’: Significance of Catherine
Unit-5 Wuthering Heights: One Hundred and Fifty Years

Novel- 4 Charles Dickens: Great Expectations
Unit-1 Background
Unit-2 Great Expectations and Self-Improvement
Unit-3 Improvement Or Disintegration?
Unit-4 Great Expectations And The Fairytale
Unit-5 Crime And Respectability

Novel- 5 George Eliot : Middlemarch
Unit-1 Approaching The Novel
Unit-2 Themes, Characters, Techniques
Unit-3 Philosophical Underpinnings
Unit-4 George Eliot’s Perspectives
Unit-5 The Finale

Novel- 6 Joseph Conrad: Heart of Darkness

Unit-1 His Story and History
Unit-2 Literary Analysis-I
Unit-3 Literary Analysis-II
Unit-4 Race, Empire, Gender in Heart of Darkness
Unit-5 The Lengthening Shadow
Novel- 7 James Joyce: A Portrait of The Artist As A Young Man
Unit-1 Contexts
Unit-2 Genre, Overall Structure and Point of View
Unit-3 Stephen’s Growth and Personality
Unit-4 Technique
Unit-5 Critical Perspectives: A Brief Selective Overview

Novel- 8 Edward Morgan Forster: A Passage to India
Unit-1 Passage to India
Unit-2 Representations of India (A): Approaches to the Novel
Unit-3 History and A Passage to India
Unit-4 Race Class and Gender in A Passage to India
Unit-5 Representations of India (B): Religions in the Novel
Unit-6 Passages from India

Novel- 9 Muriel Spark: The Prime of Miss Jean Brodies

Unit-1 The English Novel: Modernism and After
Unit-2 Muriel Spark: Her life, her Works, and the Text
Unit-3 Analysing the Text-1
Unit-4 Analysing the Text-2
Unit-5 The English Novel: 1960s and After
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Australian literature is a large body of writing that can include early versions and
English translations of Aboriginal song sequences or folktales, the memoirs, journals
and ballads of early European explorers and settlers. It also includes the more formal
works of literature that followed as writing and publishing established its sway on the
island continent. Like the literature of any other nation it captures in many ways the
growth and development of Australia into the country that we know today.
It can be said that much of what we can include under the category of Australian
literature from the early phases of its development was not what would be
traditionally considered literature. For example, the oral songs and stories of the
Aboriginal peoples of Australia were passed on orally from generation to generation
without being written.
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English Literature

 Even when they were recorded in English versions it was done
more with an anthropological intention than a literary one. The idea was to learn
more about the culture and values of the Aboriginal peoples from a scientific point of
view than to study the aesthetic aspects of these creations. Similarly, the records,
memoirs, diaries and journals that are today included under the study of literature
were not always meant for this purpose. They were often the private or official
records of explorers, administrators and settlers. However, these works are important
sources that reveal how the land, circumstances and people of Australia evolved in
the thoughts and imagination of the people who lived there or visited it. They show
how Australian literature came to be written and the early influences on this body of
T.S. Eliot
The ballads of the convicts and the bush songs belong more to a period when
Australian literature began to be an institution in itself. Periodicals like the Bulletin,
which started publication in 1880, were part of this trend. The ballads and bush
songs, which had earlier been mostly part of the folk tradition, now becamp@ of
the literary tradition. Writers began to consciously cultivate and develop the forms,
themes and figures of the oral ballads and bush songs. 'Banjo' Patterson belongs to
this school of writing. 'Waltzing Matilda' a ballad about a swagman - a travelling
farm worker in the Australian outback - has become to many Australians of
European descent, a kind of unofficial national anthem.
 AUSTRALIAN LITERATURE to Australian captures the spirit of surviving in a harsh landscape, the pioneering spirit as well as a bold attitude to life and the authorities.
Literature in Australia developed and began to take on many other forms such as the
popular short story, the literary version of the fire,side yam. Henry Laws and
Barbara Bayntou were prominent short story writers who contributed greatly to the
growth and development of this genre during this formative stage. Their writing
captured features of the growth of the Australian cultural myths of the Bush and its
people. The Erardships and spirit of the European settlers and bush people during the
pioneering days finds expression in their work.
Commonwealth of Australia
At this early stage of development it was but natural that the writers who were mainly
from alnollg the British settlers would-bring to their writing the values and forms of
the British traditions of literature. In this sense, early Australian literature was
constantly looking over its shoulder at England. This soon developed into a source of
tension as some writers felt that the best direction for Australian literature was to
follow and maintain British traditions of great literature. Others felt that as Australia
was so different from England! that it should cut the umbilical cord from the another
couiltry and develop an identity of its own as a nation and this should be reflected in
Australian literature.
Australian history and literature do reveal the many tensions that have gone into the
making of the Australian nation. These are : the tension between the old country of
England, the lnetropolitan c,oIonial centre and the new country of Australia on the
antipodean margins of the British Empire; he tension between the settlers and the
indigenous Aborigines; the tension between early waves of settlers and more recent
immigrants; the tension between the old language, images and literary forms of
British literature and the idiom, images and literary forms taking root in the new
environment of Australia. All these tensions shaped the themes and forms of
Australian literature.
As in much of the rest of the English speaking world, in Australia the first halfof the
twentieth century saw the genre of poetry being more popular and the second half
saw the novel rising to prominence. A.D. Hope and Judith Wrigbt are the canonical
figures of Australian poetry during its heyday. Patrick White, Australia's Nobel Prize
laureate, is probably the best known and most taught of Australia's novelists. Their
writing began to move away from both a purely derivative imitation of European
forms as well as a focus on the people and mores of the Rush. Modem Australia, of
the cities began to figure more distinctly in their writing. As the face of the Australian
nation began to change, its literature began to reflect that change. Writers like Kath
Walker, Mudrooroo, Kevin Gilbert and Sally Morgan have brought the poetry, drama
and stories of the Aboriginal peoples to the forefront. There has also been a trend
towards autobiographies, biographies and life-stories gaining more and more
popularity. The multicultural is that is being promoted at a political level is being
reflected in the diverse voices being heard in the realm of Australian literature.
Today there are more women, Aborigines, imigrants whose voices join the exciting
confluence that is Australian literature.

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