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Maximum Marks: 100

Section - I

Note: Attempt any five questions. The assignment is divided into two Sections 'A' and 'B'. You have to attempt at least two questions from each section in about 500 words each. All questions carry equal marks.

1. Analyse the society and economy of pastoral nomads. 

2. Discuss the pattern of trade of Egyptian and Harappan civilizations. 

3. Explain the political structure under the Roman Republic. 

4. Discuss in brief the economy and polity in the region of South Africa.

5. Write short notes on any two of the following in 250 words each: (10+10)

i) Beginning of agriculture

ii) Writing in Harappan Civilization

iii) Darius I

iv) The Mongol Empires

Section - II

6. Write a note on the religious tradition in the Late Roman Empire

7. Analyze the conditions of different kinds of cultivators in a manor. 

8. Give a brief account of textile production in Asia and Europe. 

9. Critically examine the factors that gave birth to Protestantism.

10. Write short notes on any two of the following in 250 words each: 10+10

i) Migration and urbanism

ii) Towns as centres of trade

iii) Use of gunpowder

iv) Family and the system of inheritance in medieval Europe

 MHI 01 Solved Assignment 2020-21 As explained within the Programme Guide, you've got to try to to one Tutor Marked Assignment for every course.

We are sending the assignments of all the six courses together during this booklet.

Assignment is given 30% weightage within the final assessment. To be eligible to seem within the Term-End

MHI 01 Solved Assignment 2020-21

MHI 01 Solved Assignment 2020-21  Examination, it's compulsory for you to submit the assignments as per the schedule. Before attempting the assignments, you ought to carefully read the instructions given within the Programme Guide.

These assignments are valid for 2 admission cycles (July 2019 and January 2020). The validity is given below:

1. those that are enrolled in July 2019, it's valid upto June 2020.

2. those that are enrolled in January 2020, it's valid upto December 2020.

In case you're getting to appear in June Term-End Examination, you want to submit the assignments to the Coordinator of your Study Centre latest by 15th March and if you're getting to appear in

For December 2019-January 2020 Session 

Last Date of Assignment – 30th September 2021


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IGNOU Assignment Status 2021

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