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IBO 02 International Marketing Management Solved Assignment

IBO 02 International Marketing Management

Solved Assignment

Attempt all the questions

(a) Distinguish between the following:

i) High-Tech Positioning and High-Touch positioning

ii) Product and Service  


(b) Write short notes on the following:

i) Piggybackings

ii) EPRG Orientation


2) What do you understand by international marketing, multinational marketing and global marketing? Discuss how international marketing involvement and commitment of the company changes in the above three contexts.


3) An Indian tractor manufacturing company is planning to enter African markets in collaboration with a local company in Africa. Discuss any two modes of international market entry suitable in this context, and comment on their relative merits and limitations.


4) Differentiate between product standardization and adaptation in international marketing. Evaluate the various factors of standardization and adaptation, and suggest the conditions under which each of them is suitable.  


5) Discuss various sales promotion tools in international marketing to enthuse consumers, middlemen and own sales force to buy/promote the product.

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