Thursday, January 17, 2019

UGC NET English Literature MCQ Test Series 1

In this post you will find the very few questions related with English Literature
You can take it as a test series and once you done your options so after submission of your questions, Do Comments your Score. It will help you to get more for UGC NET English Literature

UGC NET English Literature MCQ Test 1

Q.1 Identify from the following the work Nirad c. chaudhuri called “the finest novel in the English language with an Indian theme”

Q.2 who is the author of the poem “the defence of lucknow” dealing with the siege of lucknow, one of the terrible incidents of the Indian mutiny?

Q.3 who among the following theorists holds that metaphor and metonymy are the two fundamental structures of language?

Q.4 from among the following who are the Dashwood sisters in jane austen’s sense and sensibility A) Elinor B) Marianne C) Mary D) Amanda
The right combination a/c to the code is

Q.5 which among the following texts can be characterized as a lesbian bildungsroman ?